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Project Description

Bénédicte Autret

Bénédicte joined the Google Syndication team in 2005 and has embraced the world of monetisation and platform partnership for the past 11 years.

First working with traditional publishers across Europe and in 2010 refocusing on the UK market, managing the relationship with publishers such as DMGT, Telegraph, Guardian and Haymarket just to name a few. In the past 2 years, Bénédicte pivoted to work closely with UK Telcos and broadcasters starting a conversation with existing partners and prospects on new platform technology such as dynamic ad insertion capability. More recently Bénédicte led the Revenue Solutions team in the UK focusing on  access to inventory and monetisation.

Prior to joining Google, Bénédicte worked for WILink Europe. Bénédicte holds a degree from the EDHEC Business School Bachelor programme.

Bénédicte is as French as it comes with regards to her love for good food and good wine but what you may not know is that she likes her adopted country so much that she officially became a British citizen in March 2015. The art of queuing in a line and apologising profusely holds no secret for her!!