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Project Description

Kit Gould has over 20 years experience in technology publishing and has successfully navigated the various user and market shifts in this area. From Print to online to digital 2.0 to data & sevices. He has introduced many ‘first to market’ solutions in the areas of vertical ad networks, social media, content marketing and programatic & RTB buying.

Kit Gould joined IDG in 1996 has been twice nominated as ‘IDG Entrepeneur of the Year’ and is the current recipient of the ‘IDG Chairmans Cup for Management Excellence’ both internal awards amongst all IDGs operating business units around the globe.  He is a previous recipient of the PPA’s ‘Publisher of the Year’ award. IDG UK has been nomintaed and won many industry awards for both the B2B & B2C titles.

From 2001-2004 Kit launched and ran IDG Ventures Europe, a $100m early stage technology private equity fund which invested in many sucessful companies such as Shazam and Liongate.

In 2005 Kit returned to IDG Communications, the media arm of IDG and launched the enterperprise and B2B portfolio. Over the last few years he instigated and managed the launches of Techworld, ComputerWorldUK, CIOUK, IDG Connect, IDG Technology Audience Platform (TAP), the IDG TechNetwork, the Strategic Marketing Services group and IDG’s RTB/programatic solutions. A key focus in recent years has been growing 3rd party revenues which now dominate consumer revenue streams and has transformed the profitability of many of IDG’s B2C products.  All of which now combine to form the largest and most respected tech media portfolio in the UK.

As well as directly managing the operations in the UK & Sweden, Kit also sits on a number of IDG boards around the US and Europe including IDG businesses in US, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and South Korea.

Kit holds an Honours degree in Economics. He lives in Highgate, London with his wife and 3 children. He enjoys travelling, cooking, cycling and golf.